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 Iron-y in world record attempt 

Iron-y in world record attempt

20 Feb, 2012 02:35 PM
BLACK Rock resident Michael Powell was one of 150 scuba divers – ironing boards in hand – who braved the depths at Middle Brighton Baths earlier this month in an unsuccessful attempt to break a Dutch world record for underwater ironing.

While an extra 50 divers had been expected to take the plunge, Brighton Baths Health Club director Matthew Paynter said many were discouraged by the Environmental Protection Agency’s classification of swimming conditions on the day as poor.

“It’s ironic that we’re trying to raise money for ocean conservation but were restricted by the actions of the EPA. The conditions were great – the water was so clear you could drink it,” he said.

The world record stands at 173.

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Picture: Chris Hopkins.
Picture: Chris Hopkins.

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